Air Tractor AT-802F

The air tractor AT-802F is a fast, agile single engine air tanker, designed from the tires up for rapid response firefighting. Powered by the reliable PT6A-67AG turbine engine, The AT-802F has a ferry speed of almost 200 m.p.h. Because the turbine engine requires no warm-up time, An AT-802F pilot can take on a full 820-gallon load and be in the air, headed for the front lines in as few as five minutes after receiving a dispatch. In contrast to heavy air tankers based at larger airfields, the 802F can land on short dirt strips,land with floats on nearby lakes, even work from county roads a few miles from the fire to dramatically reduce ferry times to and from the front lines. This short-field performance capability, fast ferry speeds and rapid turnaround on the ground can make a big difference when response time is critical. Call +62 811 211 1080 / 1090 for charter inquiry

Air Tractor (1 Aircraft in Fleet)

Aircraft Type :
Air Tractor AT802 Fuel Hauler
Year :
Passenger Capacity :
Range :
Up to 865 km
Speed :

  • 245 km/h normal cruise speed
  • Minimum Airport :
    250 meter any surface runway
    Equipment :
    • Full IFR flight capability with double instruments
    • 2 Main Navigation GPS units
    • 1 Supplemental Moving Map GPS
    • 1 GPS based Terrain Warning
    • 1 GPS / Iridium based Aircraft Tracking and Autopilot
    • 1 Traffic Warning System
    • 1 Weather Radar System
    • Special Mission Electrical Bus
    Crew :
    • Professional licensed crew
    • Professional maintenance crew

About Us

Founded in 2004, Susi Air started operating with 2 aircraft in December 2004, Operations in Medan started on the 27th of December 2004 in response to the earthquake and tsunami which destroyed large parts of the area.

Currently, Susi Air operates a fleet of 49 aircraft


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