Piaggio P-180 Avanti II

Since July 2009 Susi Air is operating one of the most desirable aircraft for charter flights. The Avanti is the fastest turboprop aircraft in production, in fact it is faster than many business jets. At the same time it offers a cabin which is as large as that of a mid-size jet. 6 – 8 passengers can fly at jet speeds, but turboprop cost, and arrive at any of more than 150 destinations in Indonesia ready for business. With its range of 2.200 km it can reach most of Indonesia nonstop from Jakarta. We provide 1st class catering on board to make the flight time pass even faster. 4 passengers sit in a club seating area in the main cabin, plus 3 in seats in the forward section. It also has an enclosed and separate toilet which is approved as an 8th seat for passenger use on shorter trips.The aircraft is also fully convertible into an air ambulance at short notice. With 3 Avanti on our Fleet, we are hoping to serve more and more customers to travel with various destinations. Call +62 811 211 1080 / 1090 for charter inquiry.

7- 8 passenger capacity, equipped with luxury foldable table and two power outlet on each side.
A comfortable patient bed equipped with medical facility such as oxygen tube available for inflight.
The Avanti cabin is 1,77 meters high and 1,85 meters wide, this is by far larger than any small jet, and compares in size only with much larger aircraft like Falcon 50. 6 - 8 passenger can work, or relax in highers comfort.

Susi Air Piaggio Avanti II P180

Aircraft Type :
Piaggio P180 Avanti (3 Aircraft in Fleet)
Year :
Oldest 2009
Passenger Capacity :
Range :
Up to 2.200 km
Speed :
750 km/h normal cruise speed
Minimum Airport :
1.200 meter paved runway
Equipment :

  • Full IFR flight capability with double instruments
  • 2 Main Navigation GPS units
  • 1 Supplemental Moving Map GPS
  • 1 GPS based Terrain Warning
  • 1 GPS / Iridium based Aircraft Tracking and Autopilot
  • 1 Traffic Warning System
  • 1 Weather Radar System
Crew :
  • Professional 2 crew in cockpit with industry leading experience, trained at our Susi Air training center to the highest international standards.
  • Professional maintenance crew

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About Us

Founded in 2004, Susi Air started operating with 2 aircraft in December 2004, Operations in Medan started on the 27th of December 2004 in response to the earthquake and tsunami which destroyed large parts of the area.

Currently, Susi Air operates a fleet of 49 aircraft



Susi Air Headquarters

PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation
Jl Merdeka No 312 Pangandaran
West Java, 46396
P: +62 (265) 631-220
F: +62 (265) 631-580
Call Center : +62 811 211 3080 / 3090