Pilatus Porter

“The PC-6 Turbo Porter – Starts where others Stop”. This describes in short words the capability of this aircraft, of which we operate two since December 2007 and are getting two more in 2009.

The capability to land nearly anywhere (to be more exact, about 250 meters lengths of reasonably prepared surface) sets this aircraft apart from others. This short field capability, combined with about 900 kg payload, is in high demand in Indonesia where more than 250 (out of 650) runways are shorter than 500 meters. The Porters are mainly operated in Papua, to access airfields not accessible to the Caravan. In addition, two of our aircraft are equipped with a “special mission electrical bus” which, together with the under-fuselage door, will make it a favorite for survey operators in Indonesia and neighboring countries.

Commuter Configuration

7 to 8 passenger, portable seat, easy to customize

Cargo Configuration

For cargo only flight, This aircraft takes cargo to any runway, mostly operate in Papua for its usability.

Air Survey Configuration

Our Pilatus Porter Equipped with LIDAR camera for geosurvey purpose. More info, visit www.geosurvey.co.id

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