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Hilman fishfarm and restaurant, once renown on early 90's as one of recommended restaurant in Pangandaran by petitfute, is the root of Hilman Resto. Located right below the house of Susi Pudjiastuti, offers you a signature cuisine made of seafood. And a special menu from Susi Pudjiastuti favorite dishes, prepared and cooked by her personal chef just for you. This is where you can experience how our VIP guest enjoy their dinner with the legendary woman of Pangandaran.


the Menu

All dish is freshly made, prepared by our professional chef, with high quality, hygine, and halal ingredients.


  • Coke-Fanta-Sprite-Pepsi


    Coke/ Fanta/ Sprite/ Pepsi

    IDR 10k
  • fres tea

    Fres Tea

    Bottled tea

    IDR 10k
  • minute maid pulpy

    Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

    Naturally refreshing fruit drink.

    IDR 15k
  • ades mineral water


    Pure, safe, and trusted drinking water.

    IDR 8k


  • jus nanas


    Fresh and refreshing pineapple juice.

    IDR 15k
  • jus mangga


    Mango juice.

    IDR 15K
  • jus jeruk


    Refreshing orange juice

    IDR 15K
  • jus melon


    Sweet fresh cantaoupe juice.

    IDR 15k

Hot Beverages

  • kopi hitam sumatra

    Traditional Black Sumatra Coffee

    Unfiltered black Sumatra coffee.

    IDR 15k
  • kopi sumatra

    Sumatra Coffee

    Filtered Sumatra coffee.

    IDR 20k
  • teh hitam

    Java Tea

    hot Javanese tea.

    IDR 10k
  • teh hijau

    Green Tea

    hot green tea.

    IDR 20k


  • lobster bakar

    Frozen Lobster

    Grilled or Fried with choices of sauce.

    IDR 275k
  • bawal goreng

    Black Pomfret

    Grilled, deep fried, or curry seasoning.

    IDR 155k
  • udang goreng tepung


    Grilled or battered fried.

    IDR 70k
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    Tenderloin Steak

    Beef tenderloin 150gr, with onion mushroom.

    IDR 70k


Happening in Hilman Resto.

VIP Dinner

March, 11, 2017

Dinner Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti with Pangarmabar and Kopaska


VIP Lunch

March, 13, 2017

VIP lunch Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Minister of Youth and Sport, Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Governor of West Java, Regent (Bupati) of Pangandaran, Dean of Padjadjaran University.




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  • Jl Merdeka No 312 Pangandaran
    West Java Indonesia 46396
  • (0265) 631220
  • cuisine@susiair.com
  • www.susiair.com/cuisine

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